Thursday, June 21, 2012

My atDNA Test Results are in (AncestryDNA)

Well my great $99 AncestryDNA atDNA adventure has come full circle and I now have some results to look at. Based on this atDNA (autosomal test) I show the following genectic ethnicity that reveals where my ancestors lived hundreds — perhaps even thousands — of years ago.

British Isles 57%
Scandinavian 22%
Southern European 17%
Uncertain 4%

I had six cousin matches within the 4th-6th cousin range (95-96% confidence levels)

I had 22 matches within the 5th to 8th cousin range (moderate confidence level). One of those matches was also a direct match to my Mallory line (my new 8th cousin). So the test does work. Now I need to take time to explore the other 27 matches and their trees to see what shakes out. Pretty interesting and I have a better feel for things now that I have my 67 marker yDNA test, my HRV1 mtDNA test and now my atDNA complete.

You can learn more about autosomal DNA by clicking here.