Monday, November 12, 2007

30 Year Search is Over - Family Picture Found - Finally!

After a 30 years search I have finally found a picture of my second great grandfather - Dr. William Law Van Horn. My cousin Judy Van Horn-Cross in Houston, Texas, is the genealogy angel that provided the missing piece of our family history. This picture now completes a collection of family pictures that spans seven generations of Van Horn ancestors and their spouses starting with my son - Loyd.

Here is the lineup of pictures we now have for our family history:

1. William Loyd Van Horn
2. William Larry Van Horn - Gayle Hennington-Van Horn
3. Warner Lee Van Horn - Gloria Ann Schmidt-Van Horn
4. Witt Lange Van Horn - Iris Jeanette Hurt-Van Horn
5. Willia Law Van Horn - Jessie Witt-Van Horn
6. Dr. William Law Van Horn - Mattie Parry Mallory-Van Horn
7. Captain Thaddeus Damascus Van Horn, Confederate ADC - Margareta Law-Van Horn

Thanks Judy for helping our search and special thanks to my Dad for all his help and legwork. And here is the final missing photo that Judy passed along.