Friday, September 2, 2011

A Witt Family Cousin Makes it to the Bigtime!

The large Witt clan, whose homeplace was between Camp Verde and Center Point, gathers for a portrait in the early 1900s. Shown here, seated in front, from left, are: Gerald Witt’s great-great grandmother, Nancy Hamilton Witt (1826-1909), infant Prentice Witt (Gerald’s father), Maude Witt Surber (holding one baby, with two other unnamed children), and, at far right, James Monroe Witt (1835-1935) and his wife, California “Callie” Asbury Denton (1849-1926), who came to Kerr County with her siblings and mother’s family, the McFaddins, when she was a toddler. At rear are, from left (holding Prentice), Hulda Mills Witt, Fred Witt, James Witt, Joseph Denton Witt, James Surber and William Witt. (Picture link courtesy of the West Kerr Current)

My cousin, Gerald Witt in Kerr County, Texas, has had an interesting article published about him, his research and his portion of the Witt family on the West Kerr Current website - click here for the whole story. It is a great article about a super genealogy cousin. Congradulations cuz on a job well done.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Grand Aunt Has Passed Away

My grand aunt, Helen Marie Ferguson-Van Horn, passed away Sunday evening, 3 July 2011, in San Antonio, Texas, after a short illness. She was 93 years old. She was preceeded in death by her parents Norman Edward Ferguson and Florence Mabel Weatherby, and her husband, Victor Clark Van Horn. She is survived by her four children: Jerilyn Kay Bailey, Judy Rae Cross, Jack Clark Van Horn, and Janet Faye Howard, their spouses and children.

My favorite memories of Aunt Helen were the many Christmas Eve's we celebrated at her and uncle Vic's house, several family reunions, and all of us celebrating her 75th birthday in San Antonio. She was a fellow family genealogist and a very sweet lady. She will be missed by all who loved her.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Was Guillaume (William) Witt a Hugenot? Not!

It is a family history legend that has been around for decades. Unfortunately since the marriage of the internet and genealogy, this genealogical myth has spread like a bad Trojan or virus across the net even after authoritative genealogy information and sources have been published disbuting it.

This is one myth that will just not die! Don't believe me, just do a search in the public trees on for “Guillaume” Witt, and you will see dozens have this myth in their lineage. It is easy to copy someone else's tree on Ancestry, but not as easy to do a bit of genuine genealogical research to prove what you have posted.

So for those cousins who have not been as wise as they should, here is the digest version of the evidence with links so you can investigate the story of the Witt Hugenot myth on your own.

From noted Witt family researcher, Robert W. Baird and his most excellent website at website at here is a bit of his thoughts on this myth.

"Were the Witt’s Huguenots? By Robert W. Baird [i]

"Probably not. The claim that the Witts were Huguenots was first made in print in 1924 by the Huguenot Society of the Founders of Manakin. No evidence was offered other than the proximity of the brothers John and William Witt to the Huguenot settlement at Manakin. Manakin was located on the south bank of the James River a few miles southwest of the land the Witt brothers bought in 1715. A few hundred Huguenots settled there in 1700, others elsewhere along the river. In fact, there are no Witts listed among the Huguenot settlers of that community (or any other). Nor are any Witts found among any naturalization records before or after the settlement. While there was a scattering of Huguenots among the earlier settlers of the area, there is no indication at all that the Witts were French.

"The Huguenot Society created a myth that William Witt (whom we believe to be the son of John Witt the immigrant) was known as “Guillaume Witt” and immigrated from France to Virginia about 1700. In fact, he never lived in a Huguenot settlement, never appears in any record as French, is never mentioned in the Huguenot parish records, and signed his own name “William Witt”. Some third-generation Witt children did indeed marry children of Huguenots, but this fact is more easily explained by the assimilation of Huguenot descendants into the local population. It is worth noting that the early Huguenot Society publications did not mention any of the Witt records of Henrico and Charles City County, thus apparently were based on the assumption that the Witts arrived in Virginia about 1700."

You can read the rest of Bob's research on this matter at

[i] Copyright © 2001-2003 Robert W. Baird, All Rights Reserved from - Bob’s Genealogy Filing Cabinet.

At the same site is the comments from another noted Witt family researcher Mr. Wayne Witt Bates.

"Faulty rationale begets faulty Tradition. And that's what happened here. However sincere, the faulty Witt tradition can be traced back to "Year Book No. 1," dated 1924, of the Huguenot Society of the Founders of Manakin in the Colony of Virginia.

1. William Witt d1754 was not the immigrant, but son of John Witt and wife Ann Daux ; and William Witt was not born in Southern France but in Charles City Co., VA (in order to be with his parents).
2. John Witt was the immigrant and he was imported as a "headright" (plantation owner paid his way) from England, not France (per Land Patent records).
3. Five sons attributed to William Witt d1754 (Lewis, Charles, William, Abner, and David) were not his sons but his grandsons.

a. Lewis & Charles were sons of Benj. Witt d1774 of Buckingham Co., VA
b. William, Abner, and David were sons of John Witt d1782 of Amherst Co., VA

"In 1756, Land Deed of Prince Edward Co., VA of Benjamin Witt (son of William d1754), have as witnesses the names of his brothers, Charles Witt and Lewis Witt."

"And in 1781, Amherst Co., will of John Witt Sr. (son of William d1754), his brothers William Witt Jr., Abner Witt, and David Witt are witnesses

"The first known entry for William Witt (d1754) and his brother John Witt (d ca 1751) was in 1715, when they bought (jointly) 300 acres (known as Young Men's Adventure) from Charles Hudson in Henrico Co (that part now Goochland Co). The deed said that the WITT brothers were from Charles City Co., VA, the county of residence for the immigrant John Witt & wife Ann Daux per Charles City County court records.

"No reason to believe that William Witt (d1754) and his brother John Witt, Jr (d before 1751) came from England .

"Every reason to believe that they were sons of immigrant John Witt/Whitt and Ann Daux who were married after 1670 in Charles City Co., VA, per court records. Further, importation of John Witt to the Charles City County area supported by Land Patents.

"No documentation to support the old Witt tradition which has been published in books, such as

1. Vol. IV, "Compendium of American Genealogy,” by Virkus.
2. Vol. 2, " Virginia Soldiers of 1776,"by Burgess
3. Year Book No. 1 published in 1924 by The Huguenot Society Founders of Manakin in the Colony of Virginia.

"By tradition, this Richard Witt /Whitt was named Richard Oney Witt. By tradition, he was left on doorstep of William Witt d1754 of Charles City, Goochland and Albemarle counties, VA. There is no documentation or association with William Witt d1754 to support this "adoption" tradition."

So if you want to get the real deal on our Witt family, check out the public tree posted by our cousin Gerald Witt at You will get an accurate lineage to get you started properly in your Witt family research.

You will find the absolute best researched information on our colonial Witt familiies at our cousin Robert Baird's website at This is a must visit website if you want to get through the bad stuff and get an accurate genealogy for you Witt line. There is also info on the Daux family via this link.

So if you have made it this far, please help once and for all get rid of the Guillaume Witt myth from your family tree. Time to get that lineage right and share the joy of the real history of our Witt colonial ancestors.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Gerald Witt Rewrites Some of Our Witt Family History

Tombstone of Rev War Captain Elijah Witt (1756-1806)

For many years now, I like many before me and many even today have traced their Witt family lineage from Joseph Nathaniel Witt who married Sarah Earls to what was believed to be his parents Joseph Witt (1752-1819) who died in Jefferson County Tennessee. His wife and the supposed mother was Sarah Kimbrough. This is how things have been for many many years. My great Aunt Edna Bless based her DAR line on this family link.

Back in 2002, my cousin Gerald Witt in the hill country of Texas, uncovered evidence that proved conclusively this this link was wrong. Needless to say that was a earth shattering find and it turned two whole generations of our Witt family lineage upside down. After looking at the evidence that Gerald uncovered, it has now been proven that Joseph Nathaniel Witt is the son of the brother of the fore mentioned Joseph above -- Rev War Captain Elijah Witt and his wife Nina Jarnigan Hutchison. See information presented for child number 2 listed below.

After Gerald concluded his research he prepared a research paper on the 12 Children of Elijah Witt, which he shared with me and he has given me permission to post here on this family blog. So if you are still one of the dozen or so Ancestry family trees that have the original link I mentioned above reflected on your tree, and you are wondering why my and a few other trees on Ancestry show Joseph N. Witt's father to be Captain Elijah Witt, I present to below cousin Gerald Witt's Twelve Children of Elijah Witt. Any further use of this material anywhere should be credited to him as he is the one who deserves full credit. We are just the messenger here on my blog.

Elijah served as a private (DAR Ancestor #A127232) in the militia in Washington County, North Carolina during the Revolutionary War.

From the DAR GRS database:-
Service Source: NC REV WAR PAY VOUCHERS #893, ROLL S.115.135
Service Description: 1) PAID FOR SERVICES RENDERED.

There is a great write up on the three sons of Charles Witt (Elijah, Caleb, and Burgess) service during the Rev War at
Bob's Genealogy Filing Cabinet. The write up on Elijah indicates that he did serve as a Captain of a militia company "guarding the frontiers of North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina”

In 1801, Elijah and his son Daniel were riding horseback and the horse became frightened, throwing Elijah against a tree, killing him. Daniel was also thrown, but escaped uninjured.

The Twelve Children of Elijah Witt

The following is found on page 17 of the Jefferson County Tennessee Guardians Report Book 1: “Sarah Witt, Guardian An inventory of the Estate real and personal of Elijah Witt and Piety Witt minors returned by Sarah Witt, Guardian for said Elijah and Piety this 15 day of July 1808-Twenty bushels of wheat, one bushel of corn- The real estate is undivided and is supposed to contain thirty three acres to each of those minors, but no emolument hitherto received. Signed Sarah Witt, guardian. Sworn to in open court July 19, 1808”. We know from land records that the heirs of Elijah Witt have 400 acres of real estate. And, if each heir is to receive thirty-three acres-simple math indicates twelve heirs are involved.

The following is found on page 5, Jefferson County Tennessee Deeds Book N. Registered August 28, 1815. “Witness that whereas Elizabeth Witt one of the children and heirs of Elijah Witt, deceased, in her lifetime intermarried with James Luster and the said Samuel House having purchased of the said James Luster the right and claim that the said James Luster and Elizabeth his wife had or may hereafter have to two tracts or parcels of land containing two hundred acres in each tract, being undivided tracts belonging to the estate of the said Elijah Witt, deceased, it being one twelfth part of said tracts or parcels of land.”

The following sentence indicates only eleven heirs. Jefferson County Tennessee Deed Book S, page 545. Harmon M. Witt sells his undivided interest in 400 acres of land to Eli Witt on March 23, 1833. The deed goes on to say that Eli Witt pays $120.00 to Harmon M. Witt for his one-eleventh interest in the 400 acres.

Evidently, one of the children of Elijah died without issue between 1815 and 1833. I have two candidates—Viney (Lavinia) and Elijah. I have found neither listed in later records.

I have divided the children into two groups-the children who did not require a guardian at the death of Elijah. And the younger children who were required by law to have a guardian. I have placed seven children in the first group. The birth dates of some of the children are know and they will be listed. The children may or may not be listed by order of birth, since all dates are not known.

Many believe that the first wife of Elijah Witt was Nina Hutchison, but I have not found this marriage. However, I do have clues. A Daniel Hutchison witnessed the will of Charles Witt, the father of Elijah Witt in Halifax County Virginia. Elijah Witt named a son Daniel. And Joseph Witt, the son of Elijah Witt named his first son Hutchison Witt.

1. Noah Witt, born 16 March 1776 and was living in Jefferson Co. TN when the 1850 census was enumerated. In the census he was 74 years of age, which would agree with his birth year of 1776. He was born in Virginia. He was first married to his first cousin, Millie Maze. After her death he married Jane (Smith by some accounts) who is listed with him in the 1850 census. She is 56 years of age and born in South Carolina. A Noah Witt is one of the administrators of the will of Elijah Witt and I feel strongly that Noah Witt, born 1776 is a son of Elijah Witt.

2. Joseph Witt, born circa 1777 and married Sarah Earls in Jefferson Co. Tennessee on 25 April 1797. Noah Witt was bondsman for Joseph Witt. I think this is added proof that Joseph Witt is a son of Elijah Witt. His birth date is only a guess using his marriage date as a base. This Joseph Witt has long been listed under the children of Joseph Witt, who died in Jefferson Co. in 1819. The following land record provides ample proof to move this Joseph Witt to the children of Elijah Witt. Jefferson Co. Deed book R, page 381-“An indenture made on 21 January 1824 between John Witt and Eli Witt, you find the following: “Witness that the said John Witt doth convey and confirm unto Eli Witt all the right title and claim that Joseph Witt the father of said John had to two certain tracts of land lying on the waters of Long Creek, it being part of the property of Elijah Witt, deceased.” I think this is strong proof that Joseph is the son of Elijah Witt. Added evidence is the court case of March 1801 where Elijah not only delivers Joseph Witt to court, but also pays his court cost. Since, this is my line I have studied this very carefully before I changed ancestors from Joseph Witt to Elijah Witt.

3. John Witt, born 18 April 1780 in Virginia and married Eleanor Penny, 18 June 1800. I did not find this marriage in the Jefferson Co. records. He later moved to Pope Co. Illinois. While living in Pope Co. he sells his undivided interest in land belonging to Elijah Witt to Eli Witt. In Jefferson Co. TN Deed Book R. page 381, you find the following buried in the text. “And John Witt one of the children and heirs of Elijah Witt, deceased.” I think this statement proves the relationship.

4. Elizabeth (Betsy) Witt, born circa 1782 married James Luster 31 January 1793 in Jefferson County Tennessee. The only proof I have found for this child is as follows: Jefferson County Tennessee Deeds Book N, page 5, registered August 28, 1815. “Witnessth that whereas Elizabeth Witt one of the children and heirs of Elijah Witt, deceased, in her lifetime intermarried with James Luster”. James Luster sold his rights to Elizabeth’s one twelfth part of Elijah Witt’s property to Samuel House of Madison County, Mississippi Territory. I assume that James and Elizabeth Luster were living in Madison County, Mississippi Territory in 1815. This would later become Madison County, Alabama.

5. Anne Witt, born circa 1784 and married William Bottom on 15 July 1806 in Jefferson County Tennessee. Her birth date is backed in using her marriage date. Very little is known about Ann Witt. She appears on the list of buyers at the sale of personal property of Elijah Witt, on 15 May 1806. This would be two months before her marriage to William Bottom. Not great proof, but the best we have at this time to place Ann Witt as a child of Elijah Witt.

6. Eli Witt, born 15 August 1785 and died 12 October 1851. Eli Witt is enumerated in the 1850 census of Greene County, Illinois as a 65 year old farmer with wife Nancy aged 60 and both were born in Tennessee. He married Nancy McNeely on 13 July 1806 in Jefferson Co. TN. Samuel House was either the bondsman or minister at their wedding. The best proof that Eli Witt is an heir of Elijah Witt is found in the Jefferson Co. Tennessee Minute Book (Circuit Court) 1810-1816, page 91.”Tuesday July 16th 1811. An obligation from Noah Witt, Guardian of Harmon Witt and one of the Administrators of Elijah Witt, deceased for himself and the said Harmon Witt both heirs of Elijah Witt deceased and Eli Witt and Samuel House also heir of said Elijah, deceased to Christopher Bullard was proven in Open Court wherefore it is admitted to record, let it be registered and it is ordered by court that the same be certified to the County of Giles Tennessee State.” The preceding statement leaves little doubt that Eli Witt is a son of Elijah Witt.

7. Mary Witt married Samuel House in Jefferson Co. TN on 10 February 1807. The strongest evidence that Mary Witt is an heir of Elijah is found in the Jefferson Co. Tennessee Minute Book (Circuit Court) 1810-1816, page 91. Read the quote above regarding Eli Witt. The quote also tells us that Mary Witt House is alive in 1811 and is still married to Samuel House. Otherwise, Samuel House would not be an heir.

This completes my discussion of the seven heirs of Elijah Witt, who required no guardian when Elijah Witt was killed in early 1806. This is a work in progress and much more research is required. This is the beginning not the end.

The following is the five children who required guardians at the time of Elijah Witt’s death in 1806. Much work needs to be done to better develop the lives of these children. I have divided the children into three sub groups. Noah Witt was the guardian for Harmon Witt. William Maze was the guardian for Viney and Daniel Witt. Sarah Witt was guardian to Elijah and Piety Witt. I think Elijah and Piety were the children of the marriage of Elijah Witt and Sarah Bottom. They were married 26 December 1797. And, Sarah Witt is the guardian of her own two children.

8. Harmon Witt was born 16 November 1788. He married Miriam Skeene on 23 December 1807. Harmon Witt is named in the Jefferson Co. Tennessee Minute Book (Circuit Court) 1810-1816, page 91l as an heir of Elijah Witt. In 1833 Harmon Witt sold his undivided interest in 400 acres of land (Jefferson Co. TN Deed Book S, page 545). This farther proved his descent from Elijah Witt. Harmon Witt is definitely a heir of Elijah Witt

9. Viney Witt. I site the following evidence for both Viney Witt and Daniel Witt. Jefferson Co. TN Guardian Report Book 1, 1805-1832,Page 12, William Maze Guardian, 11th July 1807 “William Maze Guardian for Viney Witt and Daniel Witt reports that there has come into his hands of the property of the said Viney Witt three pounds of picked cotton, about forty pounds of cotton in the seed, thirteen bushels and a peck of corn, one bushel and peck of wheat about seventeen hands full of broke flax and two bushels of corn this fall, about thirty bushels flax not broke. Also of the property of Daniel Witt the same quantity of the same property as stated above this returned to court the second day of the Oct. session 1807. Signed William Maze I assume that Viney is the nickname for Lavinia. No other record has been found for Lavinia, but the guardianship proves her relationship to Elijah Witt.

10. Daniel Witt was born 22 July 1790 and married Ingabo Skeene on 3 April 1813 in Jefferson County, Tennessee. From the family Bible: Daniel Witt was born 26 July 1790, Ingabo was born 14 October 1794. Daniel Witt died 8 October 1877 and Ingabo Witt died 7 June 1863. These dates have not been documented. Daniel Witt is a son of Elijah Witt and I point to the guardianship of Viney and Daniel to William Maze for proof.

11. Elijah Witt is a son from the marriage of Elijah Witt to Sarah Bottoms. Jefferson Co. Tennessee Guardian Report Book 1 1805-1832 page 17, “Sarah Witt, Guardian. An inventory of the estate real and personal of Elijah Witt and Piety Witt minors returned by Sarah Witt, Guardian for said Elijah and Piety this 15 day of July 1808- Twenty bushels of wheat. One bushel of corn. The real estate is undivided and is supposed to contain thirty three acres to each of those minors but no emolument hitherto received”. Signed Sarah Witt. No other record has been found regarding this Elijah, the son of Elijah Witt.

12. Piety Witt married Silas Gentry on 18 April 1814. This is the only record that I have found on Piety Witt. Let’s assume that Piety is the second child of this second marriage. Her brother, Elijah could have been born in 1798 and she could have been born in 1799. Little is know regarding Piety, however Silas Gentry bought the undivided interest in the 400 acres from several of Piety’s brothers and sisters.

As of October 21, 2002 these are the children of Elijah Witt. Their names were taken from primary records, but I have not found all the records. I welcome others to make additions and corrections.

Thanks you cousin Gerald for sharing your work with the rest of us.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ellen Joyce Seay-Tudor Obituary

My first cousin (maternal side) passed away earlier this month. Here is her obituary.

Ellen Joyce Tudor - Altus Times Oklahoma - April 5, 2011

Ellen Joyce Tudor, 70, of Altus, passed away on April 2, 2011, in her home in Altus. Celebration of Life Memorial services will be held at 10:30 a.m., Friday at the Grace United Methodist Church with the Rev. Bruce Davis officiating.

Inurnment of cremated remains will follow at a later date at the Fort Sill National Cemetery in Elgin.

Services are under the direction of the Kincannon Funeral Home.

Ellen Joyce Seay was born on Nov. 6, 1940, in San Antonio, Texas, to William Boyd and Ellanora Laura (Schmidt) Seay.

When Ellen was three, she and her family moved from Texas to Oklahoma, and throughout her childhood lived in Friendship, Cache, Altus, Oklahoma City, Ardmore, Hartshorne, Blair, and Elk City. Ellen graduated from high school in Elk City.

She met Robert M. "Bob" Tudor, while he was in the military, and the two were married in Elk City on Feb. 14, 1959. They moved all over the United States, including Topeka, Kansas, Chicopee Falls, Mass., and Las Vegas. Ellen and Bob finally made their home in Altus in 1975. Ellen graduated from real estate college in 1985. She began work at Gregg, Buck and Roberson Agency, later working at the Dempsey Agency. She has since been self employed as a real estate broker with Tudor Real Estate. She was past president of the Altus Board of Realtors, past president of the Jackson County Democratic Women and was currently the treasurer.

Ellen was an active member of the Grace United Methodist Church and was involved with the Grace United Methodist Women.

Mrs. Tudor graciously volunteered her time at the Threshold Services and the Great Plains Literary Council and was a member of the Jackson County Democratic Women. She loved gardening and traveling, but above all, she liked spending time with her beloved family, especially her grandchildren.

She was preceded in death by her parents; and her brother, Bill Seay.

Ellen is survived by her husband, Bob of the home; three sons, Robert Matthew Tudor of Oklahoma City, Phillip Jared Tudor and his wife Susan of Phoenix, Ariz., and Jon Anthony Tudor and his wife Jody of Austin, Texas; four grandchildren, Anna Tudor, Jenna Tudor, Kiley Tudor, and Nick Long; a sister, Myrtle Mae Eubank of Altus; a brother, Franklin Delano Seay, of Grandview, Texas; a step-sister, Judy Griffith of Arizona; and two stepbrothers, Louis Boyd and Bill Boyd, both of Norman.

Memorial contributions may be made to the Grace United Methodist Church, 620 S. Park Lane, Altus, OK 73521. Online tributes may be made at

April 5, 2011 - Page 2 Altus Times, Altus Oklahoma

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Elsie Mae Van Horn Obit

The following obit is in the Chattanooga Times Freepress newspaper today (4/3/2011).


TRION Elsie Mae Vanhorn, 77, died Saturday, April 2, 2011.Survived by husband of 52 years, D.F. Vanhorn, Trion; daughter, Evelyn (Grady) Brown, Trion; sons, David (Lola) Vanhorn, Bobby Vanhorn, both Trion; sister, Mary Frances Avins, Summerville; sister-in-law, Gussie Vanhorn; two grandchildren; four great-grandchildren; several nieces and nephews.Funeral at 2 p.m. Tuesday with the Rev. Henry Hampton officiating.Interment: LaFayette Cemetery.Visitation: 6-8 p.m. today and all day Monday. Arrangements by Wallis-Wilbanks Funeral Home, LaFayette.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Researching My Wilkinson County GA Carr Family

Several years ago, while at the South Carolina Archives, I came across some information on the Carr family that I am related to from Wilkinson County GA.

My 3rd great grandparents are Aaron Carr and Elizabeth Faulk. Possible parents for him are William Carr and Charity (unknown). If you descend from this family, please contact me at the address in the masthead. I would like to compare notes. In the meantime I have posted some of the notes that I found in the source below during that trip to the SC Archives in Columbia.

From: Wilkinson County, Georgia Court of Ordinary Minute Book A, 1835-1858 By Miriam Mitchiner Brown, Location: South Carolina State Archives

Wilkinson County, Georgia Carr Family Information

Page 5: November Term 1835, page 20 B. Carr, Est - William Carr, Admr., makes a return.

Page 9: July Term 1836, page 36 John Ashely Estate- Allen Ashley is appointed Admr. $12,000 bond. James Stanley and Robert Rozar security John Smith, Robt Rozar, Allen Smith, William Carr and Anderson Ingram are appraisers.

Page 26: January Term 1841, page 120 [no name], Ward - William Carr, Gdn makes return.

Page 27: January Term 1841, page 121 [no name Ward] - William Carr, Gdn makes return.

Page 37: July Term 1843, page 164 Sam'l Carr, est - Green B. Burney, Admr has leave to sell all the real estate of the estate.

Page 39: January Term 1844, page 170 John Hughs, Est - Green B. Hughs and Benjamin J. Hughs have L of A on the Estate, $14,000 bond. William Hughs, Steven Whipple, S.M. Carr, Anson Ball and N.C. Hughes are appointed appraisers and distributers.

Page 39: January Term 1844, page 171 Sam'l Carr, est - Green B. Burney, Admr has leave to sell all the real estate of the estate.

Page 43: July Term 1844, page 184 Baily Carr, Orph - Aaron Carr is appointed Gdn for David W.M. Carr and James B. Carr, with $300 bond.

Page 44: Sept Term 1844, page 188 William Carr, Orph. - Baily Carr, Gdn makes a return.

Page 54: Sept Term 1846, page 230 William Carr, Est - John Smith and Aaron Carr are appointed Admrs. at $800 bond. Nathaniel Hughes, Robert Rozar, James Methvin and Bryant Smith are the appraisers.

Bales Carr, Orph - Aaron Carr is dismissed from his guardianship and John Smith is appointed Gdn. in his stead. $800 bond.

Page 60: Sept Term 1847, page 258 William Carr, Est - John Smith and Aaron Carr, Admrs have leave to sell the real estate of the Estate.

Page 61: Sept Term 1847, page 259 William Carr, Est - John Smith , Admr. makes a return. Bales Carr, Orph - John Smith, Gdn makes his return.

Page 61: Sept Term 1847, page 261 William Carr, Est - John Smith and Aaron Carr, Admrs make a return.

Page 62: January Term 1848, page 266 Francis M. Smith, Est - Robert Rozar, Wyatt Meredith, Willis Allen, A.W. Ard and Aaron Carr are the appraisers.

Page 68: January Term 1848, page 297 Luraney Smith, Elizabeth Smith - Gdn - A.B. Smith produces property which is ordered to be appraised by Eli Sears, Nimord Burk, Samuel Meredith and George W. Smith

Francis Smith, Est - Wyatt Meredith, Robert Rozar, Willis Allen, Nimrod Burk and Aaron Carr are appointed Distributers, to divide the Estate into "shears" and distribute them equally among the Distributees.

Page 69: March Term 1849, page 303 S. Carr, Est - G.B. Burney, Admr makes a return.

Page 116: June Term 1857, page 503 Robert Garrett, Est - Joseph Carr has L of A on the Estate with the Will annexed, $2,000 bond.

Page 117: Sept Term 1857, page 508 Robert Garrett, Est - Joseph A.I. Carr, Admr. has leave to sell all the land belonging to the Estate.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Opening Up My FTDNA Test Results

Thanks to the Vanhorne Family FTDNA project manager, Marleen Vanhorne, I opened up my FTDNA test results from just our group matches to the entire FTDNA database. Whoa Nelly did that clear my sinus' up this morning.

I won't go into details now, since I don't want to make someone elses DNA stuff public unless we have prior communication, but I found some new possible avenues for research.

Bottom line, it still appears based on the existing lines of DNA test/genealogy research that our Vanhorn/Van Horn lines descends from Christian Barentsen Van Horn (1626-1658).

Here is my immediate line of research

1. William Larry Van Horn
2. Warner Lee Van Horn
3. Witt Lange Van Horn
4. Willie Law Van Horn
5. Dr. William Law Van Horn
6. Thaddeus Damascus Van Horn
7. James Vanhorn
8. William Vanhorn-Eleanor Hiett m. 1790 Winchester VA (based on all my research, I believe this is the parents of James Vanhorn. This is very tentative and needs more research work in Winchester). Can you say road trip to the Shenandoah Valley!

You can see more detail on my Van Horn Public Family Tree at at

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Welcome to the Mallory family a famous actress and singer

Jack Fisk, Sissy Spacek and their two daughters Schuyler and Madison.

While doing some extended research on my various Mallory family lines, I made an interesting discovery. Actress and singer Sissy Spacek is also a descendant of my colonial Mallory ancestral line. See my post at

Spacek was born on Christmas Day, 1949, in Quitman, Texas, the daughter of Virginia Frances (née Spilman) and Edwin Arnold Spacek, Sr., a county agricultural agent. Her mother was a Mayflower descendant, and her paternal grandparents, Mary Cervenka and Arnold A. Špacek (who served as Mayor of Granger, Texas in Williamson County), were of Czech ancestry. Spacek's mother was from the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Spacek was given the nickname "Sissy" by her older brothers.

Spacek married production designer and art director Jack Fisk in 1974. They have two daughters - Schuyler Fisk and Madison Fisk. Schuyler has appeared in several film roles and is pursuing a career as a singer. Spacek and her family live on a horse ranch near Charlottesville, Virginia.

Her line to the old Virginia colonial Mallory family is through Captain Roger Mallory's son, Roger Jr. Her direct ancestral line to the Mallory family follows.

1. Mary Elizabeth Spacek - Jack Fisk
2. Edwin Arnold Spacek - Virginia Spilman
3. Thomas Hall Spilman - Elizabeth A. Holliday
4. Major Thomas Percival Spilman - Almira H. Randall
5. John B. Spilman - Amelia Percival
6. Timothy Percival - Nancy Parker
7. Richard Parker - Hannah Cave
8. William Cave - Mary Mallory
9. Roger Mallory - Sarah Street
10. Roger Mallory - Mary Holderly
11. Captain Roger Mallory - Immigrant

So to Sissy and her two daughters, welcome cousins to the growing family of Mallory family descendants.

Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm a Magna Carta Sureties Descendant

Well, it is always neat to confirm a really cool lineage and now I have confirmed one -- a lineage to one of the Magna Carta signers. I have some other alternate lines that will trace back, including another line to another signer - Robert de Roos.

The actual lineage looks like this (starting at my Mallory branch):

5. Dr. William Law Van Horn - Mattie Parry Mallory: Biography
6. Dr. William Wesley Mallory - Rosannah Margaret Parry
7. Lt. John H. Mallory - Virginia Gilmer
8. William Mallory - Lucy Harrison
9. Philip Mallory - Lucinda Pynes
10. Thomas Mallory - Elizabeth Higgason
11. Captain Roger Mallory - [--?--]
12. Rev. Thomas Mallory, B.D. - Jane [--?--]
13. Rev. Thomas Mallory, D.D. - Elizabeth Vaughn
14. William Mallory, Knight - Ursula Gale
15. William Mallory, Knight - Jane Norton
16. John Mallory, Knight - Margaret Thwaites
17. Joan Constable - William Mallory, Knight
18. John Constable, Knight - Lora Fitz Hugh
19. Margaret Umfreville - John Constable, Knight: Biography
20. Thomas Umfreville, Knight - Agnes Gray: Biography
21. Thomas de Umfreville, Knight - Joan de Roddam: Biography
22. Robert de Umfreville, Earl of Angus/Baron of Prudhoe - Lucy de Kyme: Biography
23. Elizabeth Comyn - Gilbert de Umfreville, Knight/Earl of Angus in Scotland: Biography
24. Elizabeth de Quincy - Alexander Comyn, Earl of Buchan: Biography
25. Roger de Quincy, Knight/Earl of Winchester - Ellen of Galloway: Biography
26. Saher de Quincy, Earl of Winchester - Margaret de Beaumont: Biography

Saher de Quincy, Earl of Winchester, was born in 1155. (1) He was the son of Robert de Quincy Lord of Buckley and Fawside and Orabella de Leuchars. (1,2) In 1175 Saher, married Margaret, daughter of Sir Robert "ès Blanchemains" unknown 3rd Earl of Leicester and Pernel de Grandmesnil. (1,2,3) Saher de Quincy Earl of Winchester was created Earl of Winchester in 1207. (3) Saher de Quincy was one of the twenty-five sureties of the Magna Charta, for which he was excommunicated. His singular christian name of Saher, or Saier, is a likely a corruption from the Saxon Segher, Sigher, or Seagar, a Conqueror. Eliza S. Quincy refers to him as "John de Quincy, created Earl of Winchester by King John, 1207. He was a leader of the Barons who forced John to sign the Magna Charta. (1)" He died on Sunday, 3 November 1219 in Damietta, Holy Land, at age 64 years. (1)

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Monday, January 10, 2011

The Family Album

The Rev TD Jakes wrote this piece and Gayle shared it with me, so I thought it would be neat to share it with our fellow genealogists.

"Pull out that old family photo album and scan the faces. The people on these pages brought you to this point. Their lives are the cornerstones of your life. Their sacrifices are your mandate to continue invest in yourself—and in all that comes next. Just as they formed your foundation—your work lays a foundation for lives after you.

"Your family album is a picture of the tenacity and strength in your DNA. It is a study in perseverance. Secrets of survival that course through your veins.

"To settle for less than you are capable of is to squander not just your life—but their lives—and your legacy to future generations. One generation's position is the next generation's reposition. Picture that."

Rev. TD Jakes (Thought of the Day)