Sunday, September 16, 2012

Another Ancestry Personal Family Tree Hit

And the greatest hits from trees just keep on coming.

While clearing the leaves for my 8th great grandmother, Sophia Sethia Short b. ca 1665 in Colonial Virginia (she married Thomas Harrison 1665-1746). I found her parents (sic) on several trees.

Her father was Matthew Barnes b. 1692 and mother was Catherine Wood b. 1692. Not a bad trick to have your parents born nearly 30 years after you are and she doesn't even carry the same last name as her parents.

One of the worse examples of something that is suppose to be genealogy I have seen published to the net to date. I've sent personal messages to all these folks and also published a post to the Ancestry Short message board. Let's see how long it takes them to make the change, if ever.

I remind folks that if you make a mistake on your lineal lines, that mistake is double every geneation past that. You have to be careful and give this research the due diligence it deserves or why even bother in the first place.