Monday, May 18, 2015

Family Group Monday - Aaron Redus-Lucy Ann Oglesby

It's Family Group Monday and time to meet a Redus Family Group.

One of the more fascinating Redus families I have had a chance to study has been Aaron Redus and Lucy Ann Oglesby and their children. One of my public projects is to find and link their children to Aaron and Lucy's memorials at Find A Grave. So here are the FAG Memorial numbers and some additional information on this family.

Father: Aaron Redus 31022653 (tombstone picture)
Mother: Lucy Ann Oglesby-Redus 31022565 (tombstone picture)

Elizabeth Oglesby Redus-Hine 41372358 (tombstone picture)
Sarah Chaffin Redus-Tanner 29256757 (individual and tombstone picture)
Mary Louise Redus-Crawford 74217124 (individual picture only)

Augustus Franklin Redus 100310342 (tombstone picture)
Have sent request to memorial owner to link him to his parents. Been looking for his final resting place for quite some time.

Silbernia Redus-Coats 74219025 (individual and tombstone picture)
Caroline Minervia Redus 32046719 (tombstone picture)
Have sent a FAG request to Rheba Dec Currier to link her to the parents.

James Ware Redus Sr. 5059585 (tombstone picture) My third great grandfather

Luther Warren Redus
I have discovered no proof to date that he was buried in the Blackland Cemetery in MS. From Anne Glidewell at FAG: Two of us searched the entire cemetery and could no find this tombstone, a few were broken beyond reading and there were some graves marked with stones though. So Luther's final resting place remains a mystery.

Thomas Jefferson Redus. Another mystery where his is buried for this family.
Thomas Jefferson Redus left home in Aberdeen, Mississippi when he was about 18 years old and moved to Shreveport, Caddo Parish, Louisiana. The 1850 Federal Census shows him living in Caddo Parish with Roscoe Cole Oglesby in household No. 166. (Lucy Ann Oglesby's brother). R.C. Oglesby was Tom's protege and business adviser, as he had signed notes for some of Tom's business ventures, and was named a conservator of his estate after his death. No doubt Tom was developing into a prominent business man. He was owner of a two story brick building facing the corner of Texas and Commerce Street (Lot 9, Block 50 and Lot 9, Block 60). He also owned 162 acres of land in DeSoto Parish near Mansfield, Louisiana. Thomas Jefferson Redus died October 16, 1854 of Yellow Fever (according to a letter from a first cousin). It is possible TB may have caused his death as it was widespread throughout his family. In any event, he died without a will so the Judge of the 18th Judicial District in Caddo County, Louisiana appointed Roscoe Oglesby the Curator of Tom's estate. His brother, Luther Warren Redus, who lived across the Louisiana border in east Texas, appeared in Court in Caddo County, Louisiana and furnished the names of Tom's heirs. The property was sold for a little over $17,000 and the proceeds after court cost were given to the heirs. Included in the settlement was a portrait of Thomas valued at $100 which was given to his father Aaron. This very large and beautiful portrait was given to Aaron Redus, and was in turn passed down to Mary Louise Redus Crawford (Tom's sister). A relative of Mary Louise wrote a letter in 1955 in which she remembered her grandmother having a large picture of uncle Thomas Redus. She said that Thomas was never married. I have unable to find were he was buried. The untimely death of Thomas ended a promising career. His estate valued at $17,000 in the mid-1850's was considerable for a young man his age (23 years old at the time of his death).

Martha Redus 32046843 (tombstone picture)
Some have a middle initial of A, but I have no records including the tombstone that show a middle initial. Have sent a FAG request to Rheba Dec Currier to link her to the parents.

John Redus 15339860 (tombstone, his picture and a picture of him and Sallie)
William Redus 61091286 (tombstone and individual picture)
George Redus 61744271
Another Redus with a middle name of Washington, but which I can not find a record to support that. (tombstone picture)

As some of you know I am a picture junkie. If anyone has a picture of any of Aaron and Lucy's kids, spouses or descendants, would love to see them and it would be neat to post them here. So there you have it folks. You can see what has been publicly posted on this family on their FAG memorials. If you have anything to add you can post it here or email me at familyhistorian at frontier dot com. Cousin Larry.