Saturday, March 15, 2014

Genealogy Family Profile: Karl Emil Luzian Schuchardt and Louise Auguste Christiane Schmidt

Here is a write up I just shared with a FAG member, so I thought I should post it here for family. This genealogy family profile originally appeared in my late cousin Bettye Schmidt Rathbone's book Schmidt-Leitsch-Grohman-Meuth, Europe to Texas, 1846-1861, privately published. This profile is on my great aunt and uncle, Louise Auguste Christiane Schmidt and Karl Emil Luzian Schuchardt.

Louise Auguste Christiane Schmidt, daughter of Friedrich Gottlob and Wilhelmine (Ullrich) Schmidt. was born December 10, 1830 in Frankenhausen, Sacha Rudolstadt, and died September 19, 1925 in Guadalupe County, Texas, being buried in the family cemetery the following day. As previously stated, she married Emil Carl Lucian Schuchardt on December 6, 1848 in Guadalupe County, Texas. Carl had come to Texas on the Brig Elisa Charlotte in October 1846 when Louise and her family came to Texas. He was born in Vehra, Prussia, on Ocober 31, 1818, and died in Guadalupe County, Texas, on August 5, 1892, buried in the family cemetery.

The young couple lived in Guadalupe County, Texas, for awhile, but moved to Comal County, Texas, about the same time as her parents did. On July 30, 1859 Charls Schuchard was granted citizenship papers in Comal County (Probate Minute volume C, page 250). On November 12, 1862, Carl registered a mark and brand in Comal County: No 62 (page 59).

They continued to live in Comal County till January 1880 when they sold their land to Martin Simon (Deed Book 0-542-544) and returned to Guadalupe County, texas. There they purchased land for a farm on which they lived till their deaths, and son which they and other family members are buried. This farm lies north of Seguin and southwest of the settlement of Geronimo, in the A.M. Esnaurizer league. In August 1967 there was an old house still standing on the property west of the cemetery.

Carl Schuchardt's will was filed in Minute Book E, pp 306-309. Louisa's will was recorded in Book N, pp 635-639 and filed on October 31, 1925.

In addition to their own children, they each mentioned their niece Anna Schmidt (presumably Rudolph's daughter).


Karl Emil Luzian Schuchardt, born October 31, 1818, in Vehra, County of Weissensen, Erfurt, Germany, came to Texas on the ship Elisa & Charlotte. The ship had embarked from the port of Bremen, August 28, 1846, and landed at Galveston, October 26, 1846, carrying 120 passengers.

The passenger list names another Schuchardt, Friedrich Ferdinand Schuchardt, from the same locality as Karl. Friedrich Schuchardt was listed as a widower with two children, Carl and Wilhelm. According to Reiner Gerda Schuchardt, a distant cousin and fellow genealogist in Germany, he was Karl's eldest brother. Reiner's Schuchardt Website traces the family history, in German, from Clauss Schuchardt, born 1613. This information will be posted here when translation is complete.

At Galveston, the passengers boarded a steamer which brought them to Indian Point, now known as Indianola. At Indianola, the immigrants endured many hardships, including the lack of food, shelter and safe drinking water, until they were able to secure transportation (ox-carts and wagons) in order to reach their destinations in and around New Braunfels. The MONKEN website quotes a first-person account of an extended family's tragic journey from Indianola to New Braunfels.

Louisa Katharine (and/or Christiane) Schmidt had been born in Frankenhausen, Saxony-Rudolstadt, November 10, 1831. Louisa came with her family, including her parents Friedrich Gottlob Schmidt, born about 1796 or 1797, and Wilhelmine Ullrich Schmidt, born about 1798 in Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt, and her two brothers, Rudolph Schmidt, born about 1830, and Friedrich Paul(sometimes spelled Powell) Schmidt.

Since the two families travelled across the Atlantic on the same small ship, it is easy to imagine that Karl and Louisa may have met and fallen in love during that voyage. However they met, Karl and Louisa were married in Seguin, Guadalupe County, Texas, December 16, 1848, by Louis Hipp, Justice of the Peace for Guadalupe County, Texas.

The new couple lived in Guadalupe County (in or around Seguin) for a while, but then moved to Comal County (New Braunfels area) after her parents moved there. Karl (this time misspelled as Charls Schuchard) was granted his citizenship papers July 30, 1859, in Comal County (Probate Minute Vol. C, page 250). He registered a mark and livestock brand in Comal County on November 12, 1862.

All but one of their children were baptized into the First Protestant Church of New Braunfels in 1868. These children were Anna, born September 25, 1851, married October 21, 1871, to Julius Wesch; Albert, born October 27, 1853; Robert, born December 23, 1855, married Annie Hanks (Hanke?); Carl, born March 15, 1858, Elise (named after the ship "Elisa & Charlotte"?), born May 6, 1860; Bertha, born August 7, 1862, married Theo Babel; and Pauline, married Edgar Babel (brother of Theo?).

Karl's Find A Grave Memorial number is 35760087 and Louise's memorial number is 35760072.