Sunday, March 18, 2012

I've Learned Some New Calendar Math Doing Genealogy

I have a family tree up at and recently got a leaf on my Rachel Meek b. 3 Mar 1802 Adair County, Kentucky, United States, d. bef 13 Jun 1827 Henry County, Tennessee, United States. She married my Rev. John D. Witt (1802-1851)in 1828.

Her father was Jacob Meek (1760-1824). I have yet to find who Rachel's mother / Jaoob's wife was, but I can tell you who it isn't -- Mary Detwiler (1821-1880).

Out of 25 public trees with this family on them, nine of them show Rachel Meek's mother as the Mary Detwiler mentioned above. Pretty good trick that Mary Detwiler can have a child in 1802 and she wasn't born until 1821.

So for you nine people who have Mary Detwiler as Rachel Meek's mother, I guess I have learned some new ways to do calendar math. Really? Really? Really!