Saturday, February 5, 2011

Welcome to the Mallory family a famous actress and singer

Jack Fisk, Sissy Spacek and their two daughters Schuyler and Madison.

While doing some extended research on my various Mallory family lines, I made an interesting discovery. Actress and singer Sissy Spacek is also a descendant of my colonial Mallory ancestral line. See my post at

Spacek was born on Christmas Day, 1949, in Quitman, Texas, the daughter of Virginia Frances (née Spilman) and Edwin Arnold Spacek, Sr., a county agricultural agent. Her mother was a Mayflower descendant, and her paternal grandparents, Mary Cervenka and Arnold A. Špacek (who served as Mayor of Granger, Texas in Williamson County), were of Czech ancestry. Spacek's mother was from the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Spacek was given the nickname "Sissy" by her older brothers.

Spacek married production designer and art director Jack Fisk in 1974. They have two daughters - Schuyler Fisk and Madison Fisk. Schuyler has appeared in several film roles and is pursuing a career as a singer. Spacek and her family live on a horse ranch near Charlottesville, Virginia.

Her line to the old Virginia colonial Mallory family is through Captain Roger Mallory's son, Roger Jr. Her direct ancestral line to the Mallory family follows.

1. Mary Elizabeth Spacek - Jack Fisk
2. Edwin Arnold Spacek - Virginia Spilman
3. Thomas Hall Spilman - Elizabeth A. Holliday
4. Major Thomas Percival Spilman - Almira H. Randall
5. John B. Spilman - Amelia Percival
6. Timothy Percival - Nancy Parker
7. Richard Parker - Hannah Cave
8. William Cave - Mary Mallory
9. Roger Mallory - Sarah Street
10. Roger Mallory - Mary Holderly
11. Captain Roger Mallory - Immigrant

So to Sissy and her two daughters, welcome cousins to the growing family of Mallory family descendants.