Sunday, March 22, 2009

Making Progress on my Law Family Research

I have finally made some headway in my Law family research. Here are some of the latest, and maybe one of you will recognize something to help me with the British portion of my research.

My 3rd great grandmother is Margareta Law (b. 2 Apr 1840, Howard Co, MO and d. 3 Jun 1918, New Orleans, Orleans Parish, LA)

She married my 3rd great grandfather Thaddeus Damascus Van Horn (b. 20 Oct 1820, Claiborne Co, MS and d. 5 Apr 1905, New Orleans, Orleans Parish, LA) on 12 Aug 1856, in St. Paul's Church, New Orleans, Orleans Parish, LA.

I have a complete history on this couple (including a picture of Margareta) on this blog at

Margareta's brother was George H. Law. I have complete details on his life and family at

Now the for the new stuff.

Margareta and George's mother is Mary Ann Simmonds. Until about a month ago, not only could I not confirm that, but I never knew much at all about her.

I believe Mary Ann Simmonds married Richard Horton Law, sometime around the middle 1830s somewhere in the UK. I believe Richard was born in the UK around 1793, parents unknown. He appeared to disappear, probably passed away c. 1846 in Howard Co, MO, based on the best evidence we have right now. I have an IGI marriage records Richard Law m Ann Simms 21 Apr 1834, Saint Martin, Birmingham, Warwick, England. Not sure if this is them or what.

I next see Mary Ann on the US 1850 census in New Orleans with her children in New Orleans running a boarding house at 12 Carandolet.

On 6 March 1854, she married William D. Leland, in New Orleans. She signed as mother for her 16 years old daughter Margareta to marry in 1856. She then disappeared completely after that life event, until recently.

While working family obits at GenealogyBank recently I found the great golden nugget below.

New Orleans Times, 3-7-1875, Page 4


BURLINGSON-Of chronic bronchitis, February 7, 1875, at her residence, No. 5 Vernon Place, Bloomsbury Square, London, Mrs. Ann Simmonds Burlingson (mother of Mr. George H. Law and Mrs. T.D. Van Horn) aged 65 years. and a resident of this city for many years.

New York City, Missouri, and Texas papers please copy.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

So sometime after 1856 she returned to the UK, apparently married a man named Burlingson (I find no marriage record at this point over here so I assume she married in the UK), and died in London.

I have no information on her parents, info on her last marriage, when she returned to the UK, or where she is buried. Can anybody in the UK tell me where she is buried and if a tombstone pic is available? I don't have a clue where to check on London cemetery transcipts and pics.

Any help in filling in these last few holes of her life would be sincerely appreciated.